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Key Features:

•Contains Bitrex

(‘the most bitter substance in the world.’Drop a thimble-full of Bitrexinto an Olympic swimming pool and you can detect the bitterness in those two and a half million litres of water.”).

Prevents misuse of Hand Sanitiersby Children.

•Moisturiseshands: Our hand sanitierscontains ingredients which moisturizes your hands and leaves it feeling silky smooth. Since hand sanitizers are something used regularly by all, it is important to protect your hands from damage. This is why our formula was developed with this in mind.

•Kills 99.9% of Bacteria –Our formula has been tested in the UK by a UKAS accredited lab. The results found that our hand sanitisersolution was able to kill 99.9% all bacteria present within 30 seconds of application.

•UK Manufactured –Our hand sanitisersare produced in the UK and conform to BSEN 1276 standards. We are also a HMRC approved manufacturer and produce our products with collaboration with the UK trading standards.


Child Friendly Hand Sanitiser

Welcome!! We are Handisure, a UK manufacturer of the highest quality hand sanitizers available in the market. Developed by a Chemist and a NHS Surgeon, our hand sanitizer are produced to the highest medical standards in the UK.

A Proud British Manufacturer

Unlike the low quality imports flooding the hand sanitizer market, our Hand sanitizers are manufactured by ourselves in the UK to the highest manufacturing standards. Our formula is specially developed by a chemist and a NHS surgeon to provide the most effective antibacterial solution whilst protecting hands from regular use

Clinically Proven The Best

As our slogan says, our formula was especially developed with the aim of “Protecting little fingers”. That’s right! Unlike typical hand sanitizers available in the market, our sanitizer contains ingredients which has quick drying and moisturisingqualities to protect the delicate hands of children

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